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Great Mission, Strong Values About Our Company

Founded by Terrance Stanfield and Adam Umiecki, our company's principles are Honor, Integrity, Honesty, Excellence, Respect, and Teamwork. We use those princples to offer superior technology services for our clients through reliability, customer dedication and attention to details.

Our primary focus has been providing Public Housing Agencies and related entities with all their Information technology needs. However, our team has vast experience in delivering multitude of solution in both the public and private sectors.

We promise to bring inspiration and innovation to any project we work on.
Allow us to show you want we can do!

President Terrance Stanfield

Terrance has over 5 years experience in the areas of GPS, systems integration, software development and web development. Terrance continues to develop products while using his experience to influence the design.

Terrance has worked as Director of Product Development where he developed and maintained core products while using his experience to influence the design. Terrance participated in all product development related tasks, and worked with his team to maintain constant uptime and excellent customer service. Terrance also has experience as a Systems Engineer where he led the development of an integrated RFID/Fingerprint access control system through a Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) grant. In addition to his systems engineering role, Terrance regularly contributed to web development projects, focusing on GIS data manipulation.

Terrance graduated, with honors, from Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) with a Bachelors of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering. During his time at IIT, he was inducted into Tau Beta Pi (ΤΒΠ), engineering honor society, and Eta Kappa Nu (ΗΚΝ), honor society of IEEE-designated fields. In addition he contributed to several corporate projects; most notably a GPS guided tour system for Chicago Segway.

Vice President Adam Umiecki

Adam Umiecki has knowledge and experience in the credit industry as well as in higher education and finance. Employed by two credit grantor companies, Trans Union and Experian, Adam was instrumental in many project and solutions that advanced credit industry. Most recently, Adam designed, developed and supported Web based financial systems for Adtalem Global Education, developing student finance systems that distributed aid to veteran students in conjunction with Veteran Administration. Conversant in project management, finance, application and WEB development, Adam brings over 25 years of experience in programming, business processing and automation to majority of different technologies. With bachelor degree in Computer Information Systems, Masters in Business Administration, and Graduate Certificate in Project Management, Adam can provide technical and business solutions to many needs our clients require.